Know More About Therapeutic Diets

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A therapeutic diet or healing diet is defined as the meal plan taken to control the intake of certain foods or nutrients/compounds in foods. A Therapeutic diet is mostly included as a part of the treatment of a medical condition and in the majority of the cases given temporarily to heal and/or to prevent health conditions.

Some kinds of therapeutic diets that are included in the diet plan are full liquid diets, no concentrated sweets diet, no added salts diet, diabetic diet, low-fat diet, rich fiber diet, to name a few. A diabetic diet is one of the most common diets that need to be followed as therapeutic diets as in this as well. Patients have to limit the intake of sugary foods to keep blood sugar levels controlled.

Therapeutic diets

What is included in the Therapeutic diets?

Balance and consistent diet means:

  • Taking three meals in a day.
  • Take measured portions as referred by doctors.
  • A balanced diet having enough intakes of fibre-rich foods, healthy carbohydrates, fats, etc.
  • Avoid saturated fats, trans fats, high sugar intake items, and cholesterol.

If you are on medication or have undergone any treatment, you must include a therapeutic diet as a part of your meal. The main point to remember is that no matter which therapeutic diet you are taking, it must be looked after by a healthcare professional who can ensure that your body is taking the required nutrition.

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